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    According to the British Crime Survey website, the number of domestic burglaries for 2005/06 was around 733,000. That's around 2000 burglaries a day and does not include incidents not reported to the police, for whatever reason. Its not pleasant reading is it?

    Which is why it is important that you ensure your property is secure whenever you leave it. It's a fact that most burglaries are opportunist and happen because a window or door was left unlocked or even open! The best of locks are rendered useless if they are not used.

    It therefore pays to take a little time to consider you current security measures and whether you need to improve them.

    UPVC doors are usually fitted with multipoint locks and finally secured with a euro cylinder. It is important that the cylinder is of the correct length and should not project too far from the door. If you can hang your coat on the cylinder, it is too long and should be replaced with a correctly fitting one. Patio doors should be fitted with a locking bolt that is not accessible from the outside.

    Wooden doors should be fitted with a deadlocking rim nightlatch, supplemented by a 5 lever mortise deadlock, preferably one conforming to BS3621.

    Make sure your windows all close properly and that they have locks. If they have locking handles, make sure you use them when you go on holiday. Do you have keys to them even, you need to be able to open them in an emergency.

    Make sure any gates/sheds/garages are securely using a hasp & staple or a padbolt & padlock. Burglars often gain access through an unlocked gate and are able to use tools from a shed or garage to effect a break in.

    Have you recently moved house or into new business premises? Do you have all the keys to the property? Did the previous owner hand them all over? Even the builder of a new house may not have handed all the keys over. The fact is you have no way of knowing whether there are any keys to your property in unauthorised person's hands. It therefore pays to change the locks, for peace of mind if nothing else. A competent DIYer can usually do this in a short time. If not please contact us and we will be able to help.


    Lock fitting, replacement, double glazing repairs, upgrading, door openings, design assembly and installation of master key systems.

    Crystal Vision Locksmiths & Window Repairs is able to provide a fitting service for most of the locks and spares that are shown on this web site, for customers in the following postal areas: CF, NP, SA, BS & GL. We operate an emergency door opening service, however it only operates during our normal office hours of 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

    Specialist UPVC frame repairs

    Had your window or doorframes damaged by attempted break in? Has anyone accidentally taken a chunk out of your window or door cill. Damage such as this can often be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new window or door, and you will not even know it was ever damaged! Please call us to see how we can help. This service is available to customers in the following postal areas: CF, NP, SA, BS & GL.