• How to identify your multipoint lock

    There are many hundreds of different multipoint lock types on the market. So how do find out which one you need?

    1.Which manufacturer?

    Check on the faceplate or the centre gearbox on the lock. There is usaually a manufcturers logo or name on there somewhere.


    Measure the distance from the front of the faceplate, to the centre of the eurocylinder cut out. This is usually 30mm, 35mm or 45mm, but other backset sizes are available. The photograph shows the backset dimension.

    Backset dimension

    3. Centres

    This is the distance from the centre of the spindle hole to the centre of the circle of the eurocylinder cut out. If your lock is a dual spindle type, there will be two distances to measure. The photographs show where to measure the centres.

    Centre dimension

    Centres for dual spindle locks

    4. Locking Points

    Make a note of what locking points your lock has, and the order in which they are fitted to the lock strip. Photographs of some of the different types of locking points are shown below.

    Downward Hook Upward Hook Latch & Deadbolt Roller Cam
    Downward hook Upward hook Latch and deadbolt Roller cam

    5. Distance between locking points

    Measure the distance between the outer locking points and the inner locking points.

    Locking points distance

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