• Can't lock or open your window?

    If you cannot open or lock your window, the problem could be with either the locking mechanism, or the window handle itself. If the window handle is OK, the  problem will be with the locking mechanism. These come in a number of different types, but the most common is the espagnollete. If your window is open, but you cannot lock it, checking if the espagnollete is working is a simple procedure. If you move the handle from one position to the other, observe whether the cams (that lock the sash into the frame) are moving position. If they are not the espagnollete is probably faulty or the spindle in the windo handle is worn (unlikley). Replacing the espagnollete can be achieved by removing the securing screws and moving the part away from the window. Replacement is a direct reversal of replacement. If the window is closed and cannot be opened the espag is probably faulty but in the locked position. It's not always easy to get these open but if the handle moves form closed to open and the window cannot be opened, this is usually the cause. With perseverance and patience the window will eventually open.

    There are other locking systems on the market such as the gearbox and shootbolt type and, of course, tilt and turn.
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