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      Keys cut for the Abus Plus locking system using genuine Abus blanks. These keys are used, for example, on the Abus Granit range of padlocks, some Abus Diskus padlocks, Abus car & Abus cycle locks. Key blank available with a LED Torch which can be very useful for dark locations.

      For us to cut your Abus Plus keys we will have to be provided with the 7, 6 or 5 digit code shown on the key card.

      If your key code is prefixed with an "X" Please click here As the key you require is an Abus X Plus Key and is a different key from the Abus Plus.

      The number we need is positioned as  shown in the photograph. It is the number near the centre of the card up from lower edge of the card.

      If you have mislaid your Abus Plus key card, just send us the key and we can decode it to cut further keys.

      We have the dedicated specialised machinery to cut keys for the Abus Plus range. Each key is cut as an original, not a copy from another key. Just enter the key code into the box and we will cut any quantity you require. Please enter the 7, 6 or 5 digit code in the box below.We only use genuine Abus key blanks.

      - Abus Plus Key Cut to Code 20+ in stock
      £5.79 (£6.95 Incl. VAT)
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